An Amazing Vivo Y33s Windows Mobile Phone


VIVO Y 33s is a revolutionary smartphone that is being offered from the makers of the Android mobile operating system. This smartphone has been designed by the award-winning smartphone manufacturer, HTC. Apart from that, this smartphone has been loaded with features that make it a highly desirable gadget. The VIVO Y 33s comes loaded with various tools that will help in making the user experience a highly pleasurable one.

Vivo Y 33s Smartphone was launched on 23rd July 2021. The smart phone comes with a six. 58 inch touchscreen display with a high resolution of 1080 x 2408 pixels. The phone also comes with an ocean core MediaTek Helio G80 chipset. It also comes with eight GB of memory space, which is expandable via microSD card.

This phone comes along with an interesting feature – namely, that it has a dual LED ticker screen which helps in reading the text messages that are sent to the phone. Apart from that, this smartphone comes along with a very efficient virtual keyboard. The Vivo Y 33s has a very powerful camera with image stabilization and optical zoom. There is also a barcode scanner that can read the bar code. vivo y33s

The rear camera of the Vivo Y 33s has an impressive twenty-eight megapixel sensor which has a dual lens system. This is one of the best features of this smartphone. This ensures that you get clear and sharp images all the time. In addition to that, the handset also comes with a media player with regards to playing music, videos, etc. It has a built in alarm clock as well.

This amazing device has got all the qualities that one requires from a modern day cell phone – excellent connectivity, stunning looks and high performing camera. However, what makes this phone stand out is the fact that it offers unlimited talktime (with a single talk time contract), free mobile minutes, free text messages and much more. To get this all, you need to buy vivo y33s and activate the network using your credit card. The amount that you will pay will depend on a variety of factors. You can either pay over the air (as in most cases) or you can also opt for the pay as you go system where the credit card is used as the money transfer tool.

There are some unique selling points of the vivo y33s smartphone when it comes to designing. This handset looks really sleek and modern as compared to its predecessors and this is accentuated by the mirror black finish that covers the entire handset. The build quality of the handset is good and hence you don’t have to worry about it breaking even though you use it extensively. The only thing that you would need to do is pay a little bit extra and get an extended warranty, which is actually not that expensive. With all these benefits and attractive looks, it’s easy to see why the vivo y33s smartphone has been one of the most hyped mobiles in recent times.

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